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Annamaet Sustain Grain Free 12lb

Annamaet Sustain Grain Free 12lb

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Annamaet Sustain is formulated with MSC certified, sustainable line caught Alaskan Cod.  This fresh meat formula also includes turkey and sweet potatoes for superior palatability.   Marine microalgae, a totally sustainable and stable form of DHA, provides Omega 3 Fatty Acids for brain health as well as skin and coat.  Annamaet Sustain also includes turmeric, one of the most potent natural anti-inflammatories available that has shown promise in ameliorating signs of arthritis.

  • The use of proteinated (chelated) minerals supports the immune system and optimum mineral absorption
  • Added prebiotics and probiotics for microbiome gut health and GI support
  • L-carnitine’s involvement in fat metabolism helps to maintain lean muscle mass and also supports healthy cognitive function
  • Includes blueberries and cranberries to boost antioxidant power
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