Calming your stressed sad dog

Top Five Successful Tips for Dogs that are Scared or Stressed


Sometimes it can't be helped that you will find yourself and your pup in a stressful or scary environment. Even if you do your best to keep them safe and secure in your home, dogs can be unpredictable in what startles them! To help you and your four-legged friend in these situations, we have provided a few quick tips that will help you calm their nerves and get them back to living their best life!
  • Stay by their side. The comfort of their companion staying with them in this stressful time can do wonders for their recovery.
  • Keep their mind off of it. Show them their favorite toy or a treat they particularly like. Exercise is another great tool!
  • Put them in a Thundershirt, this will help them feel like they are being held safe and secure.
  • Give them supplements/natural remedies. Some of these include Bailey's Calming CBD Treats (Found at Murk Doggy!), lavender oil and even chamomile.
  • Give them prescription medications. If all else fails and your pup needs more help than what's on the shelf at Murk Doggy, seek professional guidance!


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