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Dr. Marty

Dr Martys Natures Blend Active Vitality 6oz

Dr Martys Natures Blend Active Vitality 6oz

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Dr. Marty Nature's Blend Active Vitality is a premium, freeze-dried raw food for dogs ages 7 years and up. Each batch is filled with high-quality meats and antioxidant-rich veggies and fruit for immunity support, joint mobility, healthy brain function, and balanced energy - to help your dog thrive for years to come.

First Four Ingredients:

  • Turkey - Lean but powerful protein to support healthy teeth and gums
  • Beef - Full of vitamins and minerals that promote a healthy heart
  • Salmon - Uniquely rich in omega-3s, which support healthy joints and skin
  • Duck - Packed with minerals that support vital organs and balanced energy.
  • Tart Cheerries & Green Lipped Mussels - Naturally rich in antioxidants and omega-3s to help maintain strength and mobility.
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